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Church Festival Pictures

West Allis Church Showcases Parish Activities and Events through Snapshots

St. Augustine’s West Allis Catholic Church parishiners and friends love to have good family fun. Our church events offer various activities for all ages, ensuring that entertainment never stops. Whether you attend our parish events to meet new members, chat with church leaders, support our church or just to have some good old fashioned fun, St. Augustine puts on the best church festivals.

Below we have provided an ever-expanding photo gallery highlighting some of our parish events and church activities. Browse through our images to see some action shots and discover everything our church festivals and functions have to offer.  Get active, get social and get in on the fun with St. Augustine’s church functions.

Contact our Catholic Church in West Allis to inquire about upcoming event details, suggest an event or to submit photos you’ve taken at our parish functions.

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Church Hall
Pastor in Office
Jubilee Cake
Choir in hall
Picture Display in Heritage Hall
Rectory Entrance-Peace and Goodness
Brunch 5
Brunch 4
Rectory Entrance-the door is open and the heart even more
First Communicants
Brunch 3
Brunch 2
Statue of St. Augustine
Brunch 1
Picture display 5
Image of St. Therese, The Little Flower
Guardian Angel Window
Picture Display 4
Statue of Mary
Picture Display 3
Picture Display 2
Outdoor Statue of Mary
Statue of the Sacred Heart
Picture Display 1
Picture Display 1
Crucifixion image in Vestibule
Outside entance After Jubilee Mass
Socializing after Mass 5
Windows in Sanctuary
Socializing after Mass 4
Communion 2
Communion 1
Socializing after Mass 3
Choir 3
Choir 3
Choir 2
Choir 2
Socializing after Mass 2
Eucharist 3
Eucharist 2
Socializing after Mass 1
Choir 1
Choir 1
Rectory Christmas Tree
Rectory Christmas Tree
Recessional 3
Eucharist 1
Recessional 2
Rectory Nativity Scene
Rectory Nativity Scene
Sanctuary 2
Sanctuary 2
Recessional 1
Choir 2
Choir 1