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Week of Christian Prayer & Unity


JANUARY 18th through JANUARY 25th 

Ecumenism indicates the initiatives and activities encouraged and organized, according to the various needs of the Church and as opportunities offer, to promote Christian unity.   

Some ways of practicing ecumenism according to Vatican II are summarized here below: 

Avoid disparaging statements and judgments which do not represent the condition of our separated brothers and sisters. 

Be interested in dialogue between different churches and communities which are organized to help the groups better understand and appreciate each other. 

Cooperate with one another in activities for the common good of humanity which are demanded of every Christian. 

Come together for common prayer where this is permitted and appropriate. 

All should examine their own faithfulness to Christ and undertake whatever is necessary for renewal and reform. 

All are encouraged and urged both to pray for Christian unity and to do whatever possible according to these directives, so that the day will come when all followers of Christ will come together and share in the one Table of the Lord.


Here at St. Augustine, we as a parish do engage in some ecumenical activities; certainly not a lot, but we do engage in two ecumenical services every year.

During Lent we, for many years, have joined Vespers with two ecclesial communities, namely, First Lutheran Church and First United Methodist Church, both in West Allis.

The pastors of these three parishes will soon be meeting to discuss the details of the service for this year; there will be a Vespers evening prayer service and social afterwards. 

Likewise, St. Augustine Parish, with the pastor and some parishioners, conducts the first half hour (noon to 12:30 p.m.) of the Ecumenical Service at Village at Manor Park. 

Two opportunities for us as a parish to pray with our separated brothers and sisters.

Of course, during this week, we here especially pray for growth in our understanding and appreciation of other Christians.

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