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Violet Ribbons

As Catholics we are a sacramental people; we not only have the seven sacraments given to us by Christ, but we have so many sacramental practices instituted by the Church throughout the centuries to attune us more and more to the saving work of Christ.  Ashes on Ash Wednesday, sand and violet ribbons today.  These small violet ribbons given out today can be used throughout the weeks of Lent as a reminder that we are in the time of royal sobriety; violet being a color of noble and royal people during the centuries of antiquity among many people throughout the world, and it is also a sober color reminding us to focus on what is most important in life.  Perhaps put the ribbon by a cross in your homes or use as a bookmark for the small booklets used for daily reading; a marking for any book!  Violet indeed says Lent! 


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