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Spring Clean Up

  1. A clean up day here at St. Augustine has been scheduled for Saturday May 21 from 9am to 3pm. We are seeking volunteers to assist with this effort. Over the years we have accumulated many things that are no longer being used and we would like to discard of them. We are asking for volunteers who can help clean out areas such as Heritage Hall and the School stage and the Pavilion among others. We would like volunteers who can help us move items to be discarded to dumpsters or load them in trailers or trucks to be discarded. We are also seeking individuals who have pick up trucks or trailers who can help haul some of the discarded items away. We are also asking any committees, societies or groups that have storage areas in Heritage Hall, the school or other areas to take a look at their items and if there is anything they want discarded to identify those items so they can be removed on May 21. If you are able to volunteer to assist on May 21 or if you are a committee, society or group who would like to access your storage area prior to May 21 to identify items to be removed, please contact Phil Ryback at 414-702-1416.


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