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Saturday: 3:15 pm

Passion/Palm Sunday Mass

Passion/Palm Sunday:  We use palms and pussy willows (if we have any) to acknowledge Christ as our King and Savior!  The holding/waving of branches is always an uplifting experience.  A sign of hope, victory and life in Christ!  We welcome Christ’s presence within the assembly, in the scriptures proclaimed and in the sharing of the Sacrament of His Body and Blood at the sacrificial table.  We are drawn more deeply into the mystery of Christ, who died and was raised to glory; we die and rise with Him.  You are asked to take the branches which will be in the vestibule as you enter!  Some children and adults are being prepared to take part in the entrance procession at the masses.  Palms and other branches are blessed at the beginning of Mass when they are held and waved by the faithful as a sign of their allegiance to Christ.  Many use these to adorn a cross in their homes.  Pussy Willows, if we have any, will be used for distribution and decorating today.  These pussy willows are sure signs of spring and new life; which blossom forth both in nature and within our hearts during Lent.

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