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Good Friday Collection

Good Friday Collection:  This annual collection for the maintenance of the shrines in the Holy Lands staffed mainly by Franciscans takes place on Good Friday in churches through the U.S.A.  Usually our collection is relatively low since many do not come to services on Good Friday.  This year we will have the basket in the vestibule on Passion/Palm Sunday also to give more an opportunity to make a donation.  Below is a paragraph of a letter from the Franciscans in the Holy Land.

“The annual Pontifical Good Friday Collection is mandated by the Holy Father to be taken up in every Catholic parish. The Collection sustains Christianity in the Holy Land. With your support, the Franciscans and others minister in parishes, provide formation and education, build homes and feed the hungry. The sacred shrines in the Holy Land are maintained so pilgrims can walk in the footsteps of Jesus. We also provide humanitarian aid when needed.”

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