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Christian Unity Week - January 18 - 25

We lift up our hearts and hands with the hope that Christ will be a bridge uniting all believers.

Ecumenism indicates the initiatives and activities encouraged and organized, according to the various needs of the Church and as opportunities offer, to promote Christian unity.

Some ways of practicing ecumenism according to Vatican II are summarized below:

Avoid disparaging statements and judgements, which do not represent the condition of our separated brothers and sisters.

Be interested in dialogue between different churches and communities, which are organized to help the groups better understand and appreciate each other.

Cooperate with one another in activities for the common good of humanity, which are demanded of every Christian.

Come together for common prayer, where this is permitted and appropriate.

All should examine their own faithfulness to Christ and undertake whatever is necessary for renewal and reform.

All are encouraged and urged both to pray for Christian unity and to do whatever possible according to these directives, so that the day will come when together we will share in the one Table of the Lord.


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